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Wonderfully Made

In several contexts in the world there is a need for materials and training with regard to sexual and relationship education from a Christian perspective This conclusion comes from the results of the questionnaire that we conducted in 2018. We offer the curriculum for primary education in the English language and look forward to have a Spanish and German version available as well.  

We highly value the contextualization of the program in its cultural setting to be sure of the most impact in the young lives. We therefore developed a format for working together with our partners. Co-creation is a key word!

Product info

Wonderfully Made is a curriculum for sexual and relationships education, developed from a Christian perspective and with a holistic approach. It was developed by consultants at Driestar Christian University and has reached over several hundreds of schools and thousands of young people in the Netherlands.

Our Biblical vision is the basis of Wonderfully Made; it forms the principles, norms and values. Sexual and relationships education is considered a part of education, inseparable from other elements of upbringing such as religious education, formation of conscience, social-emotional education and education in dealing with (new) media. 
With the Wonderfully Made curriculum we want to  encourage children and young people to know and acknowledge their own sexuality as a precious gift from God, their Creator. We like to see that young people can build relationships of love and faithfulness with friends, family and maybe in the future with a life partner. We also recognize the brokenness concerning sexuality and relationships in God’s creation, as many children and young people face the consequences of sexual abuse and exploitation, broken families and distorted views on sexuality in society and media. Therefore, developing protective behaviors is one of the core themes of the program.
Wonderfully Made can be used in families, schools and churches. It is intended for parents,  educators, young people and children. Where possible we encourage the cooperation between parents, school and church. We believe that parents remain primarily responsible for sexual and relationship education and therefore need to be involved. We provide parents meetings and leaflets specifically for parents, including brief summaries of the lessons and suggestions for conversations at home.
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Essence of Christian Teaching

The Essence of Christian Teaching is still under development. As soon as this product is available, you wil find more information here.